OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker 0.5

June 03, 2019

Hello everybody!

We prepared a new version of our OsmAnd Tracker - 0.5.

What the new functions are?

(Image not available offline)

Added contact search

Yes, it was a problem to find the contact or your group from a telegram list. Now it's easy!

Added proxy settings

Many of our users asked us to add proxy. We did it. Use proxy inside of OsmAnd Tracker. Go to Settings and write your proxy data: Settings-> Privacy-> Proxy Settings

GPS settings: minimum speed, accuracy, and distance between points

Now, you can control your points. You can set settings of points. If you stay at one place some time without moving, for example, your points don't send and your GPX track will be nicer. Go to Settings-> GPX settings

Active marker on the OsmAnd map: distance, speed, and angle of movement of your contacts

It's very useful to see distance, speed, and angle movement of your contacts at OsmAnd map and text in Telegram. Now you can understand at once where and how your contact move.

Further instructions and helpful advice can be found here.

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