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The basic OsmAnd plugins are already contained in the application itself, and their functionality and settings can simply be activated under Settings in the Plugin Manager.

Some additional plugins are available as separate (additional) downloads:

  •  OsmAnd Parking Plugin can be downloaded from Google Play (Android Market) Here ...
  •  OsmAnd Countour Lines Plugin can be downloaded from Google Play (Android Market) Here ...



Last Updated on Monday, 29 July 2013 22:56

Parking Reminder- Plugin Details

We are thrilled about announcing the growth of OsmAnd´s functionality by introducing the Parking Reminder Plugin .

OsmAnd Parking Reminder is an additive plugin for the navigation app OsmAnd Free & OsmAnd+.

The plugin offers two functions:

  • time independent reminder (only a marker on the map).
  • time limited reminder with alarm upon time expiration (includes also a marker on the map).

Plugin Manager

Map overview

Tap on the desired parking position.


Choose "Mark as parking position".

Parking Reminder Menu

Choose the type of reminder.

Parking marker

Time unlimited

Parking marker

Time limited

Parking marker

Time limited. Setting the time limit.

Parking marker

Time limited. Setting the Alarm reminder.

Parking marker

Tapping and holding on the marker

allows a view on the reminder details.

Parking marker

 Tapping on the text bubble allows to

modify/delete the marker.

Parking marker

Delete dialogue.

Parking marker

Delete dialogue. Notification details.

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