Parking spot

OsmAnd Parking plugin is a free plugin working with main OsmAnd Maps and Navigation app on both Android and iOS devices. It keeps the information about the exact location of your car and helps you keep track of time. All you have to do is set the type of parking you're using (with or without a time limit) and set the alarm, if needed.

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How it operates

Let's say you went on a vacation on your car and parked it to go for a walk around the city. How to make sure you find your vehicle when it's time to go back? The easiest way is to save its location with a plugin. It marks the exact location of your car and helps you find it without memorizing the street name or the number of turns to the block where you left it. Just enjoy your trip and do not let anything bother you. Do not worry about the limited parking time: you can easily set an alarm with any calendar app you're using to get a reminder when it's time to return.

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How to use


To use the plugin, you'll have to enable it in the Plugins menu - 'Parking Position'. To place a parking marker to the map. make a long tap on a location and select 'Mark as parking position'. You'll be able to choose the one with or without a time limit. You can also add a reminder to your calendar. Just check the box 'Add a notification to the calendar application'. Remember to set your notification to be issued on time. Otherwise, calendar may save it as an event and not notify you. To disable or enable the parking widget necessary to find your parking location, please go to 'Configure menu' - 'Parking'.

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To activate the Parking plugin in iOS, you need to go to Maps & Recourses menu, then switch to the 'Plugins' menu and turn the plugin on. Now go back to the map. Make a long tap on the spot where your car is. You can use the location finder by tapping the 'target button' on the right first. Then you'll see a menu in the bottom: use Add Parking option on the right. You can choose parking with unlimited time or with the limited one. If you select the second one, the app will add an event to your calendar saying 'Pickup the car'. You'll normally get a reminder when the time runs out and will be able to view, close or snooze it.

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Please note that the reminders are often set to appear 5 minutes before the event, so if you set the parking time limit to less than 5 minutes, you might not get a reminder.

You'll see the parking marker on the map, as well, so if you need to return to the parking spot, just tap the destination bar on the top and the map will show you the parking place.

OsmAnd Parking is a simple yet handy tool helping you with parking, especially at new locations.

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