Distance calculator & planning tool

This tool provides a full functional allowing you to measure distances on the map, make and edit GPX tracks.

To get the plugin, just go to Setting - Plugins and enable the plugin. Now you can try editing an existing GPX track or just measuring the distance.

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How to use it

If you just want to measure the distance between two or more points, hit the widget in the upper right corner of the map and choose Start editing. You can add points to the map by tapping on it. You'll see the orange line between the waypoints - that's the distance calculated. Please note that it is not a route, it does not take streets and other objects into account. It is the same as a simple ruler: you measure the shortest distance between two points. If you can't see the widget, please reload the application. You can also measure a distance using radius ruler tool.

When you'll add the second point to your measurements, you'll see the distance between them in the widget. As you add other points, you'll see the entire length of the line.

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Create or edit GPX track

You can also export the points you've added as a GPX file. Just tap the widget once you add all the points, then choose Save as GPX track and name it. You'll see your new track in the Tracks list at the dashboard or in 'My places' - 'My tracks' menu. To view it, simply tap on the track and choose Show on map. To view all details of a pre-recorded track, please use the GPX split interval tool.

You can also tap the widget and choose 'Open existing GPX' to edit a GPX track. You can use the track any way you want: plan your trip, share it or export it to OpenStreetMap project. Just go to 'My places' - 'My tracks' and tap Share.

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The plugin gives you the functional to create and edit GPX tracks, plan your trip and view track details.