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OsmAnd 1.7 Released

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OsmAnd 1.7 is coming. The biggest breakthrough of this release is a new route planning mode, after any Directions action, which is designed to quickly change start and destination point, tweak parameters and see immediate route recalculation.

  • One of the major changes is route calculation engine. It is completely rebuild and gives precise route based on routing parameters.
  • To take advantage of all features of new route calculation, maps should be updated as March 2014.
  • GPX route calculation is moved under Route Settings button and feature of 'Pass the whole track' enables OsmAnd navigation, so you will always get map instructions even if you deviated from the route.
  • Active tunnel simulation (long waiting feature)
  • Speech rate setting (accessibility)
  • Lots of small & handy features

OsmAnd Seamarks & Bitcoin maps

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New maps are available to download World bitcoin payments and World seamarks.

In order to see all places where you could pay bitcoins in bitcoins present in Open Street Maps, you could use 'POI Layer' or 'Search POI' in category Finance. You can also use search by name in order to find all places. Since OsmAnd 1.7 : new sub category "bitcoin" is present in the category "Finance".
Seamarks is POI layer of OpenSeaMaps, which later will be transformed into a special rendering map style.

Maps will be updated on the regularly schedule.

Обновлено 09.01.2014 16:33

OsmAnd 50% Discount!

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Now OsmAnd is available with 50% discount on Amazon, Google Play and Android Pit markets! 

Обновлено 28.11.2013 01:22

OsmAnd 1.6 Released

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New major release is rolled out. It has lots of small & useful features. We completely redesigned how the map rendered, now you would not see view freezes while dragging the map. Here is the short list of new features :

  • Support of Full HD devices
  • Support transparent map background (allow to see map over satellites view)
  • Show downloaded maps and facilitate downloading missing maps directly from the map view
  • Contour line map files now bundled for countries/regions
  • New world basemap with major roads, railroads, and major areal features like forests
  • Map magnifier feature (long click on zoom button) - Useful both for tile and vector maps
  • Define/edit custom online tile sources (and specify expiration time)
  • Support of time conditional speed limits (Netherlands for example)
  • Faster search address input
  • Bug fixes with routing and rendering

Обновлено 26.10.2013 13:26

OsmAnd 1.5 Released

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What's new in this version:

* Voice warnings about speed limits and cameras

* More voice prompt capabilities (street names announced)

* High density map icons

* Lots of UI changes

* Bugfixes in distance display, GPX analyzer, waypoint handling, planning widget, OSM uploading, https handling

Обновлено 26.10.2013 13:20