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OsmAnd 1.1 release - Plugin Evolution

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OsmAnd 1.1 made a big step of the plugin usage :

- Contour elevation lines plugin is available as a separate application on Play or could be downloaded from https://code.google.com/p/osmand/downloads/list. It allows to use 10m contour lines around the whole world. The data is much more precise then previous SRTM data and occupies more disk space.

- Altitude correction download. With that download OsmAnd will correct the altitude value from GPS and show estimated The Mean Sea Level.

- Audio/video recorder plugin. This plugin could be used as a helper for OSM developers or for people capturing notes often and allows to take an audio/video notes by pressing one button on the map screen. 

- Distance calculator plugin. With this plugin you can calculate distance between 2 points or you can draw a complex path. This path could be saved on the screen and be used as a helper for orientation.

- New map styles (Touring view, Alping hiking).

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