OsmAnd Videos

Here, we've gathered videos about OsmAnd. Some of them are reviews and opinions, others explain how the application works and show hidden usability features you might not know about. Enjoy!


A tour of the iOS version of OsmAnd Maps & Navigation, with updates as of version 3.14

Offline Satellite mapping

How to install an SAS planet custom map into OsmAnd from Google Drive

Profiles are pre-configured settings in OsmAnd for the map and navigation. This video shows how to use and customize them.

OsmAnd sailing navigation setup instructions

This video shows how to use OsmAnd to create, record, analyze, format and navigate GPX routes and tracks

How to share a gpx track

Hiking with the help of OsmAnd

Thorough tutorial in Russian

How to build routes using YourNavigation service (in Russian)

Downloading maps and navigating (in Dutch)

Essential feaures of the app explained

Snowmobile Trail Map Demonstration

Learn about basic OsmAnd menus and features(in Spanish)

Learn how to navigate with the help of OsmAnd (in Spanish)

Preparing raster maps (in Spanish)

OsmAnd 2.1 Outdoor Navigation Part 1 (in Dutch)

OsmAnd 2.1 Outdoor Navigation Part 2 (in Dutch)

OsmAnd 2.1 Outdoor Navigation - Long Routes (in Dutch)

OsmAnd 2.1 Navigating by GPX tracks (in Dutch)

OsmAnd 2.1 Setting profiles and rendering styles (in Dutch)


OsmAnd vs Garmin GPS comparison

Test of navigation function

Test ride in the Eempolders: Openfietsmap style for Osmand, Sennheiser mic, Drift remote control app

Testing the Openfietsmap in Osmand, stereo mic, GUB Plus 11 phone holder

Test of navigation function

Creative video about the app

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