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· 4 min read

Hi, Dear readers!

It is high time we talked about some adventures! Why, You might ask. Firstly, because the weather is grey and one needs more color in the life. Secondly, there is always time for a great tale. Today we will be talking to Remo. Do You remember our last interview with him? If not, You can find it here.

This year Remo has joined two trips, one was to Croatia and Slovenia another to Italy and France. OsmAnd was his trustworthy companion in both!

Story 16

· 4 min read

Hi, Dear subscribers!

There is no such thing as bad weather in a sense; furthermore, this fall gives us no reason for sadness - the weather is more than just satisfying - it is marvelous! The harmony of colorful leaves and the blue sky is, definitely, the masterpiece of nature. We should not bother ourselves with winter coldness and stillness yet.

Today we will talk to Seraphima, who will tell us about her vision of travelling with OsmAnd. Seraphima is not the person to sit in when the weather is that excellent. She cannot stand even thinking about it. She will rush outside seeking for a new adventure. Even when she says ‘family time’ what she really means is a family trip. What can be better than a new adventure on a sunny day with the people You care about?

Story 15

· 9 min read

Hello! And we are back in no time! Autumn days are long and grey, so what can be better than thinking about our recent travels? The answer is to share those stories with a community of people who have the same interests as You.

Today we will ask Pieter to share his stories with us. Get Yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and let us start! Pieter travels either by bike or by train. Trains are preferable when it comes to long trips.

Story 14

· 3 min read

Hello, Dear Users! How are You? Do You know what?

This fall is going to be the season of interviews! We have many people to talk to and even more to talk about. Today we will have an Italian guest. Carmine is going to tell us about his traveling experience. It is not exactly true, though. He will tell us how he creates the best traveling experience for others. He made Amici Bikers website and ever since has been successfully managing it.

Story 13

· 4 min read


Have you ever wondered why we travel. We do our best to enrich our lives to make all the experiences unforgettable. Life would be so boring if we wasted it standing still, wouldn’t it? Do you have a second to talk about an unordinary event that took place this summer?

Today we will talk about more than just a hobby, we will talk about a way of living one’s best life, combining more than just one passion, and finding people who would love to do the same. We will talk about a trophy. Sorry, not just a trophy! We will have a closer look at The Trophy from Paris to Beijing. Here comes Bruno, the person to tell us about that marvelous travel!

Story 12

· 4 min read

Hi and dzień dobry!

Summer is such a nice season, don’t You think? We all go on vacation and overall tend to travel more. Have You received enough vitamin D for the rest of the year. If not, it is high time You went on a trip!

Today we will chat with Kuba. He is from Poland and travels by car or by bike. He intentionally avoids cars for they cost more and have certain risks to them. Sometimes it is hard to find a parking slot or a gas station nearby. A relatively new trend to leave one’s car behind and substitute it with a bike or public transport is getting more and more popular today. Not only is it cheaper, but it also is a non contaminating way of moving around.

Story 11

· 4 min read

Hello, Everybody!

The weather recently has been checking our surviving skills. It is without any doubt one of the hottest summers ever! And it does not matter whether You are relaxing in an apartment with air conditioning or chilling somewhere near a river if there is some time on Your hands - here comes a new interview with Filip! Get Yourself comfortable and let’s start!

Walking through shady paths deep in the mysteriously silent woods and reaching perilous and pointy peaks of the mountains... This is how Filip describes his favourite types of traveling, which are hiking and trekking.

Story 9

· 6 min read

Hello there!

We would like to present You with a new interview, which is not quite ordinary. Today we will talk to a representative of the female travelers, to Helen! She likes visiting the cities of European countries and Russia. For her, it does not really matter whether she goes on her own, or with a tourist group, for in any case, she will have a great time. Helen does not have a car, but it has never stopped her. In fact, it gives her an opportunity to get around as if she was local! Not only does Helena walk a lot, but she also uses public transport, which, definitely, has a certain charm of its own.