OsmAnd app is designed with quite a large number of default features, however, there is a possibility to add even more. There are plugins often available for free that are intended to help with specific situations. You can download a tool for better parking, winter sports locations, maps, etc. Here, we'll review some of them briefly.

Begin with OsmAnd

OsmAnd gives you great possibilities for using the maps. To begin with OsmAnd you can download the application from Google Play or AppStore.

Installation & troubleshooting
In case of certain issues, you might want to reinstall the application. It is easy. First of all, you have to backup your files. To do that, go to your OsmAnd folder on your device and copy the files. Or you can export them.
Map viewing
OsmAnd gives you great possibilities for using the maps. You can customize them, download different types of maps and even edit them!
Planning trip
You can create a new route using the Navigation option of the app. This tool is designed to help you find an optimal route according to your vehicle, personal requirements, etc. You can choose a car, bicycle or pedestrian mode, choose to avoid certain types of roads, etc. As soon as the route is build, you'll get a turn-by-turn voice guidance.


Subscription allows you to get full access to every possible OsmAnd feature (OsmAnd Live).


Online maps

Online maps plugin allows you to put new layers of information onto your map. Choose the map source by yourself and add up to two layers to map's main view. The plugin's helpful for smaller areas if you don't need a whole map of the country.

Contour lines and Hillshade maps

This plugin allows you to see the information about heights of the terrain (contour lines) and see its visualization by enabling the hillshade. If you combine these two features, you'll get both the information in numbers and its visual representation. Regular, contour and hillshade maps are three different types of downloads.

Trip recording tool

This feature allows you to record your trip and save it as a GPX file. It uses your phone's GPS to track your movement. You can view the route you've traveled, send it to OpenStreetMap project or upload it to external services.

OsmAnd Ski maps

These maps are intended to help you navigate at winter sports locations. They contain the information about sports facilities, ski pistes, and even approximate track complexity.

Nautical charts

Just like land OpenStreetMap, Nautical charts are open-source maps. They provide you with the information about seas, rivers, harbors, etc. including sailing routes, dangerous areas, ?areas where it's allowed or not allowed to sail or dock, etc. They are nostitute for official nautical charts sailors are required to have on vessels, but can be a great additional tool.

Audio/video note

With OsmAnd Audio/video notes plugin, you can add media right to the map to watch it later.

OSM editing

Want to edit the map by yourself? Take a glance at OSM editing plugin. OsmAnd uses the maps created at OpenStreetMap project, a collaborative community of volunteers who make maps and update them. If you'd like to try it yourself, just enable the plugin and update the information about the points of interest at any location. For wider possibilities, please join OpenStreetMap.


OsmAnd Parking plugin keeps the information about the exact location of your car and helps you keep track of time.

OsmAnd development

This plugin allows developing and debugging. You can test voice promting, imitate locations and see rendering performance. This plugin is for developers. Go to Settings - Plugins and choose Enable.