How to use the map

OsmAnd gives you great possibilities for using the maps. You can customize them, download different types of maps and even edit them!

We recommend you to download the World basemap before proceeding. You can then move on to downloading the map of your region or the one you're planning to travel to. OsmAnd uses the OpenStreetMap, the maps made by the open-source project, a community of volunteer contributors who work on the maps every day. This is why they are so up-to-date. They're also quite compact and rapidly rendered as the basic OsmAnd map is a vector-type map, which means it carries vector representation of the map details rendered together on your device as opposed to the tile or raster maps that are 'pictures'.

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Customize your map (Android)

As you open the map, you'll be able to customize its view in may different ways.

You can choose what exactly you'd like to see on the map in terms of additional details. To do that, just tap Configure map, then go to the Show section. There, you'll be able to choose POI, Point labels, Favorites, Transport information, and GPX tracks to be added to the map. You'll also be able to add hillshade layer or select the map source.

You can change your map style. It is set to OsmAnd by default, but you can pick the one that fits your needs. 'Nautical' and 'Winter and ski' styles are made to be used with the corresponding plugins.

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You can switch between the Day and Night map viewing modes. The night mode has a darker layout and low brightness in general. This is made to help you avoid eye strain. To switch the mode, please go to Configure map - Map mode. There are two more modes in this menu: Sunrise/sunset and Light sensor. The day mode is set by default: it is your OsmAnd map the way you see it when you launch the application.The Sunrise/Sunset mode changes the color scheme automatically based on the time set on your device. The Light sensor option turns the night and day mode on based on the lighting in your environment. Light sensor option works on phones that have a light sensor on the front. When you get to a dark place, be it a night outdoors or a dark room, the app will switch to the night map viewing mode. As you get to a lighted area, it'll change the map viewing mode to Day.

Other map attributes menu will help you customize the view by adding even more details to the map, but if you want to change the screen options like destination, speed limit, etc., choose Configure screen menu. At Configure map menu you can select the zoom level where you'll start seeing contour lines ("Contour lines"), choose to show overlay/underlay map, select the way the roads are shown (Road style), and set the color and width of GPX line ("GPX files...") and etc.

Customize your map (iOS)

You can change the map to make app use as comfortable as possible. To do that, tap Map button in the upper menu. There, you'll be able to turn on and off the display of favourites, select the map type, style, and even details like road surface information and contour lines. Also, you can view up to three layers of information on the map. For example, use a Bing Earth map as an underlay and add a hillshade overlay. To change the transparency of the layer, just drag the transparency slider.

You can also choose the day or night map mode, select the map magnifier parameters to view details more comfortably, choose text size and map language. Please note that the Map language sets the language of the names on the map. You can set it to Local names to see the names in the language of that area. To change the app language, go to Settings - General - Localization.

The Details menu provides other details like the quality of the road surface and even the street lighting while the Hide menu helps you hide certain sections of data from the map. You can also view the routes available in the Routes section.

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Viewing widgets (Android)

OsmAnd offers a wide range of widgets to help you see exactly what you need during navigation and when you just view the map.To select the widgets you need, please go to Configure screen menu. You can select speed widget to control your movement, view altitude, speed limit, radius ruler etc. Also, some plugins have widgets to help you operate them. For example, the audio/video notes plugin has a widget to help you make a note in one tap. As you enable or disable a plugin, the widgets will turn on and off. Also, you can turn the widgets on or off without disabling the plugin. Just go to Configure screen — and check or uncheck the boxes with the widgets of your choice.

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Viewing widgets (iOS)

In iOS, you need to turn on the plugin to view the widget. Please go to Maps & Resources and switch to plugins using the button below, after that switch the plugin you need on.

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