OsmAnd Purchases

OsmAnd has plenty of features and offers its full functional in the free version. In addition to that, you can expand your possibilities even further with paid OsmAnd services. Let's take a look at each of them in detail.


OsmAnd+ is a full version of OsmAnd. It provides you with an unlimited number of map downloads, including updates, voice files, etc. Also, this version has Wikipedia feature in it. After downloading the Wikipedia file for your region and enabling Wikipedia in 'Configure map - POI' menu, you'll see Wiki articles attached to objects on the map and will be able to read them in your language. Please note that you can buy OsmAnd+ as a separate app on Google Play or buy it as an in-app purchase named 'OsmAnd Unlimited' from the free version of OsmAnd. In the latter case, you won't have to install OsmAnd+, you'll just have all the features unlocked in your OsmAnd app. Get OsmAnd+

(Image not available offline) (Image not available offline)

Contour lines

In addition to OsmAnd maps, you may want to view contour lines over the main layer of information or even add shading to view the terrain in 3D. To do it, just purchase OsmAnd Contour lines and download the files for your region. You can view hillshade and contour lines separately or add them together to the map. Read more about this feature here. To get the plugin, please visit Google Play or just go to OsmAnd - Plugins - Contour lines and press 'Get'. Get Contour lines

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Sea depth

If you liked the contour lines representing terrain, try sea depth maps to view the contour lines showing the relief of the seabed. To get them, just go to the Download Maps menu and select 'Nautical depth contours'. You'll also be able to download a range of additional maps like the nautical depth points for each hemisphere. To view the information, please go to Configure map - Details and check the 'Nautical depth contours' option. Get Nautical Charts plugin.

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OsmAnd Live

Alongside the abovementioned options, you can try an all-in-one solution. OsmAnd Live has three periods of subscription for OsmAnd+ and OsmAnd Free that provides you with the following advantages:

  • Wikipedia and WikiVoyage articles available offline
  • Frequent map updates (up to once an hour)
  • Unlimited map downloads
  • Contour lines and hillshade maps
  • Nautical depth contours

You basically get full access to every possible OsmAnd feature for a fraction of cost.

To try this feature, please go to OsmAnd > OsmAnd Live > Subscribe. You can stop the subscription anytime you want using your Google Play settings.

Also, everyone who gets OsmAnd Live automatically supports the volunteers who edit the map as the money supporters provide get distributed between those who edit the map. Read more about OsmAnd Live here or learn how it works in detail here.

OsmAnd Live price

iOS extended features

The purchase system in iOS is a little different from that on Android. The Nautical maps and Contour lines are available for purchase while the Wikipedia plugin is free. The map downloads are available in bundles in case you do not need the maps of the entire world at the moment. For example, you can get the maps of Africa or Europe. Of course, free map downloads are available, as well. To view all the options, please visit the 'Maps & Resources' menu. Get OsmAnd for iOS.

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Have questions about OsmAnd purchases? Please do not hesitate to contact OsmAnd support team support@osmand.net. We're glad to help.