Subscription - OsmAnd Live

In the OsmAnd Live feature, you can try an all-in-one solution. OsmAnd Live has three periods of subscription for OsmAnd+ and OsmAnd Free that provides you with the following advantages:

  • Wikipedia and WikiVoyage articles available offline
  • Frequent map updates (up to once an hour)
  • Unlimited map downloads
  • Contour lines and hillshade maps
  • Nautical depth contours

You basically get full access to every possible OsmAnd feature for a fraction of cost.

To try this feature, please go to OsmAnd > OsmAnd Live > Subscribe. You can stop the subscription anytime you want using your Google Play settings.

Also, everyone who gets OsmAnd Live automatically supports the volunteers who edit the map as the money supporters provide get distributed between those who edit the map. Read more about OsmAnd Live here or learn how it works in detail here.

OsmAnd Live price

Have questions about OsmAnd Live? Please do not hesitate to contact OsmAnd support team We're glad to help.