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Track on the map is user recorded trip or plan route with makred points on it or not. OsmAnd track file has gpx-format.

You can add / create tracks to / in OsmAnd in these ways:

All tracks in the application are stored in the Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Tracks.

Abilities to manage tracks in OsmAnd:

  • Β Enable and disable tracks on the map.
  • Β Configuring track appearance, editing and analyzing.
  • Β Using for navigation.

OsmAnd has no limit on the number of tracks to store and display.

There are three options to display Tracks on the map: via Configure map menu, My places menu, Track Context menu

Track on the map

  • Β Formats: OsmAnd uses GPX format for tracks and points.
  • Β Import: the app can import GPX, KML, KMZ formats of tracks and points.

Create / Edit Track​

Coordinate input​

Read how to add points by coordinates: Β By Coordinate input

Record track​

Read about Β Trip recording Plugin.

Add waypoint​

Quick action widget

Edit via Plan Route​

My Places menu​


Android Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Tracks

At the bottom of the screen are four Actions buttons.

My places tracks Android

  • "+" button - allows to import GPX track from device storage.
  • "earth" button - opens Add point menu for adding points by inputting coordinates.
  • "map" button - allows to choose tracks for showing its on the map.
  • "πŸ—‘" button - allows to choose tracks for deleting.
  • "⟳" button - allows to refresh tracks list.
  • "OSM editing" button - allows to upload chosen track to OSM.

Search / Sort​

Clicking to "πŸ”" button on the top of the device screen opens the searching function of the tracks list.

My places tracks seaching function Android

Clicking to "sort" button on the top of the device screen opens choosing sort menu for tracks on the list.

My places tracks sort function Android My places tracks sort 1 function Android

Sort menu:

  • Last modified - sorting tracks in the list by last modified.
  • Name: A – Z - sorting tracks in the list by name A β†’ Z.
  • Name: Z – A - sorting tracks in the list by name Z β†’ A.

Import / Export track​

Import track​

There are two variants for importing a track file in OsmAnd. The first is importing by clicking on a track file, the second is by My Places menu action.

  1. Importing track by clicking to GPX (KML, KMZ) track file (massengers, email, Drive, File managers..). It suggests to open it by OsmAnd app. Importing tracks save in "Import" folder of My places menu: clicking to the chosen GPX file β†’ opening it by OsmAnd.
  2. Importing button in My places menu β†’ Tracks.
  • Track GPX file:
  • Multitrack GPX file: saving as one GPX track or selected tracks.

import multitrack import multitrack

Export track​

Exporting track file or files to any massengers, email, file managers, Drive , apps. There are two general ways:

  1. By Track Context menu β†’ Share.
  2. By Local backup file. Exporting GPX-tracks as OSF-file.

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