OsmAnd 4.0 (iOS)

July 19, 2021

Hi, Everybody!

Great news for iOS OsmAnd users! We're glad to announce the new OsmAnd version for iOS. Update OsmAnd to check out all new features and let us know if you like them!

Promo image for OsmAnd Maps 4.0 release

This is a short list of many changes happened in 4.0 release:

New "Add favorite" screen

New "Add favorite" screen with options to select the custom icon, color, and shape. Now you can add your Favorites and Waypoints with custom style.

(Image not available offline) (Image not available offline)

Coordinates widget

Added new "Coordinates widget" with coordinates of the current location: Menu → Configure screen → Coordinates widget

Coordinates widget

Attach track to the roads

Attach any recorded track to the roads to get proper voice directions with turns only on road intersections and to see road attributes such as slope, surface, smoothness

Attach to the roads menu

Custom plugin

Added ability to import custom user-defined plugins. Now, each user can create own plugin for OsmAnd. Menu → Plugins → Custom plugins

Plugins screen with custom plugin Custom plugin screen

Extended the import/export functionality

Significantly extended the import/export functionality of Application profile. Complete data import / export compatible with other devices.

Export screen Import screen

'Distance by tap' tool moved from the Radius ruler

'Distance by tap' tool moved from the Radius ruler into a separate option: Menu → Configure screen → Distance by tap

Distance by tap on the map Configure screen, Distance by tap

Car Play

Fixed CarPlay app freezes when iPhone screen is turned off.

Choosing app profile that will be used while connected to CarPlay: Menu → Settings → OsmAnd Settings → CarPlay profile

Plugins menu

Plugins screen has been moved from the 'Maps & Resources' to the main menu: Menu → Plugins

Drawer menu Plugin screen

Added support for custom routing and rendering files

Added support for custom routing and rendering files.

What else is in this release?

  • Fixed UI in landscape orientation for “Plan a route” screen.
  • Fixed performance of Map markers direction line.
  • Fixed issue with importing GPX files with uppercase extensions.
  • Fixed issue with "Follow track" menu.
  • Fixed import of OBF-files.

And remember that only together we can achieve the best results!
New features are coming SOON!


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