Detailed OSM changes stats

Sep 30, 2018

This is an tremendous example how small change in OpenStreetMap API could make an impact on other applications. As part of our OsmAnd Live initiative we collected for last 2 years detailed stats about OSM changes. As of today we gathered information about all changesets, all users and all editors. What is unique about our stats that we also collecting it by multiple world regions.

Though we've been always asked to focus on how many objects were changed rather than how many changesets are submitted. This month that change was finally merged into platform So the rest implementation was pretty clear for us and it is finally in place as well.

URLs and APIs

You can view all stats at and browse by specific date and regions. It is also available as JSON API i.e. Worldwide and Belarus for example.

Stats for 29 September 2018

Changesets Unique users Object edits Editor
142231991810839iD 2.1
304998582Go Map

Don't forget statistics lie.