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Android 4.6 (beta)

Android 4.6 is the latest release that introduces many new features and improvements to the OsmAnd app. This article describes all the key updates that represent meaningful changes for our users.

Join Betaโ€‹

OsmAnd releases several Ready-To-Use builds daily, allowing you to track new features and participate in the OsmAnd translation process. You can take part in testing the beta version of OsmAnd using Google Play.

What's newโ€‹

Update widgetsโ€‹

With the new release, it is now possible to add all widgets to the Top/Bottom panels in the Configure screen menu. Added Glide Ratio widget and Temperature widget for external sensors, providing additional data and usability of the application.

Top/Bottom panelsโ€‹

Our top and bottom panels have been redesigned with all our users' needs in mind. Now you can customize the widgets on your home screen the way you want, giving you more freedom to display important data.

1. Added ability to add and remove rows for Top / Bottom panel.

OsmAnd menu โ†’ Configure screen โ†’ Widgets โ†’ Edit โ†’ Add row

View modeEdit mode

2. Added support to change widget size. You can choose the size that best suits your needs: Small, Medium, Large.

Configure screen menu

3. You have the ability to add more than one Simple widget in a single row.


Glide Ratio Widgetโ€‹

Menu โ†’ Configure screen โ†’ Widgets โ†’ Any panels โ†’ Glide ratio โ†’ Glide ratio to target and Average glide ratio

Glide ratio widget

The Glide Ratio widget is an innovative tool designed to meet the needs of pilots. The widget provides valuable glide ratio information to help make informed decisions when planning air routes.

<<<<<<< HEAD Simple Glide Ration widgets have been added for Aircraft usage. The widgets show the ratio of glide to target or average glide for the current flight.

  • Glide ratio to target shows the glide ration required to reach the target point. The Map marker should be used as the target point.

  • Average glide ratio shows the average glide ratio for a specified time interval. You can set the time interval for this widget from 15 seconds to 60 minutes.

    Simple Glide Ratio widgets were added for Aircraft usage. Widgets show the glide ratio to the target or avearge glide for the current trip:

  • Glide ratio to target shows the glide ratio needed to reach the target point. You need to use Map marker as a target point.

  • Average glide ratio shows the average glide ratio for the set interval. For this widget you can specify the time interval for glide averaging.


Glide ratio widgetsWidgets on the screen
Glide ratioGlide ratio

ANT+ Temperature widgetโ€‹

We have added a new widget for the External sensor plugin. Temperature widget displays the ambient temperature, which can be very useful if you don't want to overheat or freeze on your bike or motorcycle.


Local menu redesignโ€‹

When working with maps, additional resources are always important. Android 4.6 redesigns the Local tab in the Maps & Resources menu, making access to local maps and data more convenient and, with new graphs, more visual.

The Local menu now contains all necessary additional information about the OsmAnd data:
Menu โ†’ Download maps (Maps & Resources) โ†’ Local

  • Resources: Standart Maps, Terrain maps, Wikipedia and Travel maps, Nautical Maps, Weather, Map sources, Rendering styles, Routing, Cache.
  • My Places: Favorites, Tracks, OSM Notes, OSM Edits, A/V Notes, Map markers, History, Itinerary.
  • Settings:
    • Other. Data that does not fit into other categories, such as logcat.
    • Profiles. All settings for created profiles and default profiles.
ResourcesMy placesSettings

You can select any item from the main list of categories on the Local tab, tap it, and go to a screen with a detailed list of that item and additional options.

Terrain mapsTracks

Smart foldersโ€‹

The new Smart Folder feature in the Tracks menu provides additional options for organizing tracks. This feature automatically sorts tracks according to the specified filter parameters and provides advanced settings to manage them.

Smart Folder allows you to specify a set of parameters for GPX tracks to be contained in a folder, making it even easier to keep track of files.
OsmAnd menu โ†’ My Places โ†’ Tracks โ†’ โ‹ฎ โ†’ Add smart folder

Tracks menuSettings
Smart folderLocal

Filter for tracks can be used for tracks Search function and for Smart folders.

  • OsmAnd menu โ†’ My Places โ†’ Tracks โ†’ ๐Ÿ” โ†’ Filter
  • OsmAnd menu โ†’ My Places โ†’ Smart folder โ†’ Filter

My places tracks

In addition to navigation and track creation, the Osmand app provides handy tools for managing your track recordings. With the latest update to the app, new features have been added to the Tracks section to better search and filter your tracks. These new filters provide more detailed and customizable options to search for tracks based on various parameters, allowing you to quickly find tracks that meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Filters: Duration, Time in motion, Length, Average speed, Uphill, Downhill, Average altitude, Max altitude, Date of creation, Nearest cities, Other.

Search menuFilter menu

Trash feature in OsmAnd Cloudโ€‹

Trash feature has been added for OsmAnd Cloud:
OsmAnd menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ OsmAnd Cloud โ†’ Trash

With the Trash feature, you can easily view and restore files deleted from OsmAnd Cloud. This allows you to gain more control over your data and avoid accidental irreversible deletion.

  • Empty trash button deletes all items.
  • Items in trash will be erased after 30 days.
OsmAnd Cloud menuTrash menu
  • Each item from Trash can be Restore or Delete.
Item's acitons

Help screenโ€‹

Menu โ†’ Help

Help screen

This is an important new feature for users who often travel in regions with limited internet access. The application now has an offline (saved to cache) help screen that helps you solve questions and find information without a network connection.

In addition, the Help menu has been completely redesigned, adding articles from with additional menu sections:

Most viewed, User guide, Troubleshooting, Contact us, Report issues, About OsmAnd.


Redesign weather screenโ€‹

The Weather screen has been redesigned and improved, allowing users to get more accurate and up-to-date weather information on their route, such as a time scale. This is useful when planning trips and choosing the right time for outdoor activities.


Now in the Context menu of a point, you can find not only geographical coordinates in different formats but also a shareable OpenStreetMap Link with a location marker. This makes it easier to travel together and share information with other users.

Osm Location pin 1Osm Location pin 2

Custom actions for external controller buttonsโ€‹

You now have the ability to customize actions for buttons or custom buttons for External controllers. This allows you to customize the control of the application according to your preferences and makes it easier to use OsmAnd in different situations.

Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ Profiles โ†’ General settings โ†’ External input devices

  • Select external input devices, such as a Keyboard, and create a Key binding.
Add new typeAdd key binding
External DevicesExternal devices
  • Additional Actions and Map iterations for key binding are also available.
Key bindings
External Devices

Update in Plan a route toolโ€‹

The Import from Track feature allows you to import waypoints, segments, and additional data from any other existing track into the current track.

Plan a route โ†’ Options โ†’ Import from track

Options menu
Import from track

<<<<<<< HEAD

More updates in this releaseโ€‹

The new release also contains a number of other significant updates:

  • Improved memory management for large GPX tracks for smoother operation when working with large files.
  • The OpenPlaceReviews project has been permanently finalized and is only available now up to Android 4.5.
  • Updated the Search screen for Android Auto, which improves the user experience with the app in the car.
  • Fixed map freezing for Android Auto, improving the stability of the app.
  • Renamed the Terrain menu to Topography for better understanding and matching terminology.
  • Added Select All and Deselect All actions to the Track menu to provide more options for data management.
  • Fixed North fix mode for Compass to improve navigation accuracy.
  • Added Available RAM widget for OsmAnd Development plugin, providing users with more accurate information about device resources and allowing to control memory usage.
  • Icons for paraglider, baby carriage, stroller, and buggy stroller have been added to the Profiles, making the profile appearance more informative and diverse.
  • When Destination is reached appears, the location is moved to the center of the map for the user's convenience.

The release of the OsmAnd app for Android 4.6 offers users a wide range of improvements, new features, more powerful navigation and data management tools, making the use of the app more convenient, informative and adapted to different usage situations.

Redesign weather screenโ€‹

Added the convenient time scale.