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Android only

This plugin is available only for the Android version of OsmAnd app. The project has been discontinued at June 2023.

The plugin lets you add and view photos of restaurants, cafes and other points of interest in the context menu of the place.


Open Place Review is a project that helps users share information with other users about different places, such as leaving reviews about restaurants, hotels, art galleries, attractions, and other places of that type. And the OpenPlaceReviews plugin lets you contribute to this community.


If you want to leave a review about some place of interest, you need to make the following settings:

  1. Enable the OpenPlaceReviews plugin in the Plugins section of the Main menu.
  2. Make the necessary settings in the plugin's Settings menu.

Login settings​

Plugin settings​

Menu β†’ Plugins β†’ OpenPlaceReviews β†’ Settings

OpenPlaceReview Settings Android

View photos​

Photos from OpenPlaceReviews project are displayed in Online Photos of Map Context menu].

OpenPlaceReview photo Android

Upload photos​

Tap on the map where the POI of Restaurants (Cafe) has to be placed. Press on Actions, then press Add photo button and add choose photo from device storage.

OpenPlaceReview add photo Android