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OpenPlaceReviews plugin allows you to make contributions to OpenPlaceReviews project.

Enable / Disable pluginโ€‹

Android: Menu โ†’ Plugins โ†’ OpenPlaceReviews

OpenPlaceReview Android

Plugin settingsโ€‹

Android: Menu โ†’ Plugins โ†’ OpenPlaceReviews โ†’ Settings

OpenPlaceReview Settings Android

Next settings:

How to useโ€‹

The plugin lets you add new photos for restaurants, cafe points of interest or POI on the map.

How to addโ€‹

Tap on the map where the POI of Restaurants (Cafe) has to be placed. Press on Actions, then press Add photo button and add choose photo from device storage.

OpenPlaceReview add photo Android

Photos from OpenPlaceReviews project are in Online Photos of Map Context menu:

OpenPlaceReview photo Android