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Import / Export


The Import / Export function in OsmAnd allows you to manage your data. You can export your profiles, favorites, tracks, and other settings into a special format accessible through the apps on your device. This process makes it easy to save and transfer data between devices and allows sharing it with other users.

Note that if the size of your selected data is large, it will take some time for the application to prepare the OSF file.

Export / Import data​

The Import / Export feature allows you to save data from generated OSF files or use online sources, making it possible to restore information after reinstallation.

OsmAnd Cloud​

OsmAnd Cloud is the alternative resource you need to save your personal settings and app data. You can use this data on any device available to install the OsmAnd app or when using the desktop app. Any changes you make can be synchronized.


Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Import/export β†’ Export to file

Profiles Actions Export Android Backup local Android

All the data you have configured and created can be exported using the Export menu. The menu consists of three groups: Settings, My Places, and Resources, which contain all available file folders. In each folder, you can select the files you want to export, one at a time or all at once. All exported files are saved in OSF format.

  • Settings: Profiles, OsmAnd Settings, Quick action, POI Type, Avoid road
  • My Places: Favorites, Tracks, OSM notes, OSM edits, A/V notes, Map markers, Markers history, Search history, Navigation history, Itinerary.
  • Resources: Rendering style, Routing, Online routing engines, Map sources, Maps, Voice prompts (TTS), Voice prompts (recorded), Favorites backup.


Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Import/export β†’ Import

Profiles Actions Import AndroidProfiles Actions Import 1 AndroidProfiles Actions Import 2 Android

Opens and restores OSF files. Tap an OSF file in the file manager on your device or use the action button.

  • Some items already exist. You can use this feature to save both files or replace all of them.
  • Restart. After importing the files, the application must be restarted.

OsmAnd reinstall​

In the Android and iOS versions of OsmAnd, if you completely uninstall the app or select Clear Data in the Manager settings, the data folder will also be deleted. If you do not take precautions, this will result in the loss of all downloaded maps for OsmAnd data, as well as all saved Favorites, GPX tracks, and other data.

Two ways how to keep your data before the OsmAnd app is reinstalled: