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The site is currently being developed and tested.
Therefore, the layout and operation of some functions on the site may be different from those described in this article.

We created the Discussion theme on our GitHub so you can leave feedback there.

The following features are available for users of the Free version of OsmAnd and for users with the Pro version :

OsmAnd Pro sync
TracksFree and
Map styleFree
Navigation RouteFree
Create track

View OsmAnd Web

OsmAnd Pro syncโ€‹

OsmAnd Pro is a cross-platform subscription.
The cross-platform capability allows you to use OsmAnd Pro on all platforms (Android โ† โ†’ iOS โ†’ Web). To do this you need to:

  1. Subscribe to OsmAnd Pro. Read more about how to do this for Android here, and for iOS here.
  2. Register your account on the OsmAnd server inside OsmAnd app.
  3. The registered email will be your login to activate OsmAnd Pro on the web platform. At first, time needed to choose a password for future entering the web portal (please, use the instruction on the web portal).

View OsmAnd Web activation

  • Your data, such as tracks and favorites, will appear in the menu after you log in. They are available for display on the map.

View OsmAnd Web data

  • To download backup data from OsmAnd Cloud, click the login field. There is also a button to logout of the account.

View OsmAnd Web backup file


The Weather plugin is a paid feature of the OsmAnd app. For the web version, Weather is a free feature with such capabilities as:

  • Enable weather layers on the map: Temperature, Pressure, Wind, Cloud cover and Precipitation using the menu on the left or right.
  • Enable the display of the weather forecast for the day or week (the forecast step is 3 hours).

OsmAnd Web Weather


In this section, you can:


OsmAnd Web local GPX

  • Edit uploaded tracks.

    Information screens:

    • Info: track data.
    • Track: list of points.
    • Settings: Opening the "Create track" tool.
    • Elevation: elevation graph.
    • Speed: speed graph.

    Actions โ‹ฎ button on the Info screen:

    • Save to Cloud button (Pro feature).
    • Download the track.
    • Add to Collections - adding chosen track to the GPX Collection section.
    • Add Waypoints - List of waypoints on the track.
    • Recalculate Elevation (SRTM) - Add elevation data for the selected track.
    • Edit Name - Change the name of the track.
    • Clear - Delete the track.

OsmAnd Web local GPX edit


Here there is a list of visible tracks on the map.

Switch on / off tracks for showing or not its on the map.

GPX Collectionโ€‹

After adding chosen tracks to the GPX Collection section. You can get OBF map from this data: OBF file or Travel OBF.

OBF file:

You can download offline map OBF (OsmAnd Binary Format) and open it with OsmAnd on device, it's suitable to display large quantity of tracks will be visible on the map.

Travel OBF:

Also on Android you can import map of tracks as Travel book which will allow you also to select a specific track on the map and use it as normal GPX. Travel book also supports features such as displaying tracks as points, filtering tracks by activity type and filtering waypoints.

User's tracks (Pro)โ€‹

GPX tracks that you have in OsmAnd Cloud will be available for display and editing after login. Only for Pro users . The following features are available:

  • View track folders - Track folders from OsmAnd Cloud (My Places โ†’ Tracks).

  • Information screens:

    • Information - displaying track data.
    • Elevation - graph of elevation.
    • Speed - speed graph.
    • Settings - list of navigation profiles for the Create route tool.
  • Actions โ‹ฎ button on the Information screen:

    • Download - downloads the track to the PC.
    • Get SRTM - displays the elevation graph of the selected track.
    • Edit - change the name and other data for the selected track.
    • Editing a track with the Create route tool.
    • Add to collection - creating a collection of tracks to create an OBF file.
    • Recalculate Elevation (SRTM) - add elevation data for the selected track.
    • Delete - deletes the track.

OsmAnd Web cloud GPX edit

Favorites (Pro)โ€‹

After registering an OsmAnd Pro account, the user's Favorites are displayed in the Favorites menu.
The following actions are available:

OsmAnd Web cloud Favorites edit

Add / Edit Favoriteโ€‹

To add a new favorite point, right-click on the screen. To start editing, click on the favorite point, the edit menu screen looks the same as the menu in OsmAnd app.

OsmAnd Web Favorites add

Map styleโ€‹

In this section of the menu, you can change the map style. You can read more about how to do this in the article Vector Maps (Map Styles) for the OsmAnd app. The settings in the web version are no different.
Some examples:

  • Nautical map style

OsmAnd Web Map Style

  • Topo map style

OsmAnd Web Favorites add

  • To start building a navigation route, right-click to add the Start and End points.

OsmAnd Web Create Route

  • After adding the start and end points, we get the route.

OsmAnd Web Create Route

  • In the Route block you can move the start and end points, edit them and change the type of route.

OsmAnd Web Create Route

Create track (Pro)โ€‹

A web version of the "Plan route" tool, similar to the OsmAnd app, is currently being developed. To go to create a route, Right-click โ†’ Create Route. Or you can use the Create track button (right side: Pencil and Upload buttons).

Here you can select a navigation profile to build a section of the route, add waypoints, save the route and view information about it.

OsmAnd Web Create Track

You can view any actions and display track information in the Track section of this article.

OsmAnd Web Create Track