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We know that not everyone is able to purchase OsmAnd on Google Play / Amazon store or to purchase maps for OsmAnd on iTunes store due to various reasons, but many of you would still like to support the application by using it and spreading it around the world.

OsmAnd team decided to do a small present for our subscribers during this Christmas. And we started our True Giveaway based on Bitcoin. A little bit technical information: the number of promocodes is limited and each round 1 participant is selected for 1 promocode based on random number. The source of random is the latest available Bitcoin Block hash. More information you can read and find out on our website.

Christmas - our first giveaway

During this Christmas weekend we started our first giveaway and we sent a special letter for our subscribers. At the end of the letter there was a special button to uniquely identify user with participant id.


At first time we gave away 75 promocodes for OsmAnd+. At the last round there were 322 participants, so 25% were winners.


Each hour (round) the winner was selected by latest available Bitcoin Block, so our giveaway is totally transparent and also respects privacy. We were very surprised with your activity and engagement, so we decided to do on a regular basis. Also we plan to give away OsmAnd+, OsmAnd iOS and other paid plugins. Right now you can only subsribe for a giveaway at the Download screen in OsmAnd Android but we plan to enable subscription soon on the main page Subscribe and Good luck! We love you, our users!

Join us at our groups of Telegram (OsmAnd News channel), (EN), (IT), (FR), (DE), (UA), (ES), (PL), (AR), (TR).

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