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OsmAnd 4.4.5 (iOS)

Β· 3 min read

Hello, everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of OsmAnd for iOS.

What's new


The previous release notes for OsmAnd 4.4 you can read here.

Elevation: map center​

With Elevation Widget you can find out the elevation above sea level of the current map center.

You need to subscribe OsmAnd Pro and download Heightmaps of the desired area.

Put on "Elevation: map center widget" on the screen: Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Right panel β†’ Elevation: map center

Elevation - Map center

New Track recording widgets​

Added new trip recording widgets to Track recording - Distance:

Track recording - Duration, Uphill, Downhill

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Right panel β†’ Track recording

Track recording widgets Track recording widgets

Train profile​

Added the new base Train profile. Enable it by:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App Profiles (Train) β†’ Enable

After than you can make routing by using train roads.

Train profile

External keyboard updates​

We added more buttons for External keyboards:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App Profile β†’ General settings β†’ External input devices β†’ Generic Keyboard.

  • Zoom in, bind to two keys, + and =. (- make '=' equals '+')
  • Bind Esc to back (to close Context menu and Modal views)
  • Bind N to open Navigation view
  • Bind S to open Search view
  • Bind P to switch to the next app profile. Show toast like message App profile: Name.
  • Bind O to switch to the previous app profile.

Disable announcing​

Added option to disable announcing for deviation from the route:

OsmAnd Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App profile β†’ Navigation settings β†’ Vioce prompts β†’ Other (Announce deviation from the route)

Search updates​

Added the search line for My Places menu: Favorites, Tracks, OSM Edits

Added allowing to use Emoji in user points name.

Search for My Places

CarPlay updates​

Added the option for CarPlay: history includes points that were used in navigation.

Emoji for names​

Added allowing to use Emoji in user points name.


Custom color for tracks​

Added extended palette for coloring GPX tracks, Favorites and Waypoints.

Colors GPX Colors GPX

Bugs fixs​

  • Fixed issues with the import of custom routing and rendering files.
  • Fixed transition between offline Wikipedia articles.