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Route parameters

Routing types​

The routing type determines how the route is calculated, which roads are permitted, what is the time of travel. The OsmAnd app uses different routing types for hiking, cycling, skiing or boating routes. Each profile has a specific type of routing assigned to it, which, however, you can change according to your needs: Menu β†’ Configure profile (Boat, Driving, Walking or another one) β†’ Navigation settings β†’ Navigation type.

The following profiles (with their own routing types) preinstalled in OsmAnd: Driving, Cycling, Walking, Truck, Motorcycle, Moped, Public transport, Boat, Aircraft, Skiing, Train, Horseback riding. Although, you can create your own profiles with specific routing rules or modify OsmAnd routing algorithm.


Truck, Motorcycle, Moped, Train, Aircraft, Boat and Horseback riding profiles are switched off by default. In order to use these profiles, you need to activate them in Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App profiles.
Direct-to-point navigation type doesn't have its own profile and can be used with any enabled one.

OsmAnd offline routingOsmAnd offline routing mechanism uses predownloaded maps as data source for route calculation.Navigation types: Boat, Bicycle, Car, Horseback riding, Moped, Motorcycle, On foot, Public transport, Ski, Truck, Train.
Direct to point routingAlso uses offline maps and provides a straight line routing (or "point-to-point" navigation)Navigation types: Straight line, Direct-to-point.
BRouter (offline)Offline routing provided by BRouter appAvailable only on Android. The full description read here.
Online (Android)Online routing builds the route servers' resources online by the Internet connection.Available only on Android. You can configure online routing to build a route from various online routing engines such as Graphhopper, OSRM, Routing OSM DE, Generic GPX.

OsmAnd offline routing can be customized by changing (.xml file). For more information see How to customise routing .xml article.